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Just Be IS Radical Change

I work in two main areas with adults, corporations, schools, families and kids: (1) Those challenged on any level with depression and/or anxiety. (2) Individuals going through grief.

I guide people to garner unfathomable lifestyle changes which results in extraordinary relief and peace. My methods work beyond science.

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Eden Koz (Kozlowski), Founder

I dig helping people of all ages feel better physically/mentally and to assist them to really connect to everything around them… their life, work, family and community.

Originally from Georgia (um hum, y’all), I was a creative in the advertising world in Atlanta for 15 years ending as a Creative Director/VP, have been doing my personal practice for 20 years and have owned Just Be which is now in Akron, OH since 2006.

Beyond writing for The Huffington Post for five years…

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Book Foreward :

I was asked to do the forward of Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality given author Tim Stead’s release of his book to American.

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